Monday, March 12, 2012

High School Solo and Ensemble Contest 2012

Congratulations to the following band students for receiving a I rating at Contest at Stockton.  They will be performing at State on April 27-28 in Columbia, MO. 

D Alexander Clarinet Solo
D Alexander Clarinet Ensemble
A McClard Trumpet
R. Smith Clarinet Ensemble
M Malone Clarinet Ensemble
K Shrauger Clarinet Ensemble
B Walker Horn Solo

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bolivar Middle School Solo and Ensemble Participants and Ratings

The following students participated in Solo Ensemble Contest in Marshfield Saturday and received I (Superior) ratings or II (Excellent) ratings.  We had a total of 60 I ratings, which is a record for us.  The last highest number of I ratings was 59 in 2006.  


Abbi A         1       Flute
Adrian C      1       Clarinet
Aleah P       1       Alto Sax
Alyssa B      1       Flute
Angele B      1       Clarinet
Anna M        1       Alto Sax
Annie R       1       Clarinet
April F         1       Piano Solo
Ashley L      1       Tuba
Asia C         1       Clarinet
Austin C      1       Trombone
Brandy W     1       Flute
Clay M         1       Baritone
Destiny S     1       Trumpet
Devin T        1       Flute
Emma W      1       Flute
Florangel R   1       Mallet
Grace W       1       Piano Solo
Grace Y        1       Oboe
Hope J         1       Trombone
Hope R        1       Trumpet
Hope W        1       Clarinet
Hunter Gn    1       Horn
Jacob C       1       Trombone
Jacob W      1       Alto Sax
Jaden T       1       Clarinet
Jaxon J        1       Trombone
Jesse C       1       Trumpet
Jesse T       1       Trumpet
Jessica E     1       Clarinet
John S         1       Snare
Kassidy R    1       Clarinet
Katie D       1       Alto Sax
Kayleigh V   1       Clarinet
Kelli C        1       Snare
Kelsey J      1       Trumpet
Kennadie L  1       Horn
Lauren T     1       Clarinet
Logan F      1       Alto Sax
Lydia C       1       Flute
Lydia D       1       Trumpet
Madeline J   1       Mallet
Maggie H     1+       Clarinet
Makenzie C  1       Mallet
Megan H      1       Flute
MichaelR     1       Clarinet
Mitchell N    1       Clarinet
Noah G       1       Horn
Rachelle P   1       Clarinet
Ryan O       1       Alto Sax
Ryley B       1       Clarinet
Sadie H       1       Clarinet
Sam J         1       Bass Guitar
Sarah W      1       Alto Sax
Savannah H  1       Bass Clarinet
Taylor S       1       Clarinet
Tia G           1       Flute
Troy B         1       Trumpet
Zachary B    1       Snare
Erica V        1+      Trumpet
Alissa P       2       Flute
Andrew H     2       Clarinet
April F         2       Trumpet
Brendan B    2       Trumpet
Cody E         2       Tuba
Dakota W     2       Trumpet
Danielle M    2       Flute
Grace W       2       Horn
John M         2       Alto Sax
Kate T         2       Flute
Kayla R        2       Trumpet
Melayne B    2       Clarinet
Morgan G     2       Clarinet
Shayle M      2       Trumpet
Sierra H       2       Flute
Taylor M      2       Tuba
Tyler M        2       Trombone

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bolivar Middle School at Marshfield Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Welcome to our new BLOG page.  We will now be updating our current events here.  Feel free to use the area below to add comments.  

Over 88 members of the Bolivar Middle School Band will be traveling to Marshfield tomorrow to compete in the annual Solo and Ensemble Festival.  Check this page again after the event to seen the results posted by last name.  We will also include several pictures here as well.  

We will be departing school at 7:15am.  Students will need to wear their performance shirts and jeans.  Solos are over at 4:30.  We will then travel to FazAndy's to eat.  We should return home around 7:00pm.  Students may leave early as long as a parent checks them out personally.  

Feel free to add comments below.