Friday, August 24, 2012

Springfield Music

To check the price of rentals at Springfield Music, please use this link:

Click on the CLICK HERE button once you are there.

Also, you can check at for wholesale prices.

Monday, August 20, 2012

6th Grade Band Instrument Trials

       August 20-27 we are trying out instruments to see what students might play.  Students that already own an instrument will get to play that instrument.  Students wanting to play percussion will need to pass the percussion test regardless of owning or taking lessons.  

        This is an exciting time for 6th graders!!  Parents, if you have questions, please contact us!! Tuesday the 28th is our "display night" where parents can come to the high school and rent/purchase your instrument and book. They will be delivered the next day!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

HS Band Freshmen / New Member Refresher Night

All Freshmen and New Members will need to come to the High School Tuesday Night between 6pm and 8pm for a refresher marching session.  We will also be asking that parents come meet with us in the commons for a short outline of marching season at 7:40.  We will also have the kids give a quick demonstration of their skills in the commons.  

If you miss the meeting, we are covering the following topics:

  • Uniform Issues, Cleaning and Alterations
    • If alterations need to be made to pants, feel free to do this yourself or take them to the Book Cellar next to the Tea Garden.
    • Students need white socks that are mid to long in length.
    • Uniforms will can be brought to games or on the trailer.
    • Shoes are free for used or $20 for new.  We will order next week.
    • A $5 fee for uniform cleaning covers the end of the year cleaning for each student. 
  • Schedule
    •  There is one event (the SBU Parade and Field Show on October 6th)  not listed on the shirt schedule, but is listed on the website.  
    • We will post updates on the blog before all events. 
  • Web Page
    • Use the email link to the right to subscribe to new posts.  
  • Contests and Home Games
    • We will need parent volunteers for most events.  See Lisa Funk for more information.
  • Band Boosters
    • To join Band Boosters, the cost is $10.  Lisa Funk is the contact person and Booster President.  Leading up to our trip next year, we would like to have a few meetings to do planning for this event.  We are still unsure if we will do the cruise or simply go to Disney.  
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Use the comments area below or email me at

Contact Lisa Funk if you are interested in helping out at events.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

6th Grade Band First Day Info - 2012

Dear 6th Grade Parents and Students,

    Welcome to our new web page and our band program.  This Blog will be your way of communicating with us on a weekly basis.  If you look to the right, you will see a place to subscribe to this blog with your email address.  I will generally mark new blog entries with the grade level of the message.  This page will be used for the entire band program.  Feel free to use the comment section below for additional questions.

    In class today, we split the kids into two groups.  One group heard information from Mr. Trew on the rental program and the other group went to the Music Lab to see what they will be doing in band this year.  Here are a few items of interest that you need to know now.  

Band Instruments

    If at all possible, we need the parent to rent a band instrument.  This is the best option.  Please avoid buying new instruments that are cheap.  If you find a new trumpet for $150, it is likely a very cheap horn and will not last very long.  Also, the sound quality can be vastly inferior to a well made instrument.  

Selecting and Instrument

    Over the course of the next week, we will be helping the students find the best instrument possible for them.  We will also be surveying the students to see if they already have an instrument.  If there is a problem with this, we will contact you with any issues.  

Rental Night

    Rental night is August 28 at the High School from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  Feel free to come and go at any time.  It will take approximately 20 minutes to rent.  Springfield Music is the store we are bringing for the display, but you are welcome to rent from any music store.  Please wait until close to this date before deciding on an instrument.

Band Book

    The band book we use is called Standard of Excellence Book I.  We will also need a book called Standard of Excellence Solo Book I.  Each book can be purchased or ordered at the rental night on August 28th. also carries these materials.  1800-345-6296

Other Options 

    We also have a few school owned instruments.  Students playing school horns will not have a choice in the selection process, although we will keep their original choices in mind.  

    Used instruments are available, but please make sure they are not moldy.  If they smell musty, they are dangerous to health.  Please keep this in mind.  A good music store can rebuild and clean a musty instrument, but a new case will be needed as well.  

    The last option is to find a free instrument from a relative.  Make a few calls and you will find an instrument.  This is one of the best ways to save money. is a good website for wholesale instruments.  Keep this in mind:  the quality of the instrument is dependent on the price you pay.  A more expensive horn will play better and last longer.  

    EBAY:  Please be careful on Ebay.  Make sure to ask questions and feel free to email or text us about brand names.  Google the brand name and read reviews.  

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.  Also, we sent a letter home that outlined the two web pages you will need this year.  Use the link to the right to subscribe to either page.  Check them often.  The calendar to the right can also be subscribed to using your Google account or by other options. 

Steve McClard
John Trew