Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reminder: Jazz Concert with SBU

The Jazz Concert this evening with SBU will be at Pike instead of the recital hall.  Students call time is 6:30 and the concert starts at 7:30.  Since our uniforms did not come in, dress is all black.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Typical Day in Jazz Band at the High School

As always, we have lots of fun in jazz band.  Today, we were rehearsing for our upcoming performance at SBU and at our first home playoff game for football. 


Students will report to the field at SBU on Friday at 6:00.  No uniforms.  Dress warm.  Both jazz band and the marching members that are not in the play will perform.  

Jazz Concert
The concert is Tuesday, October 30th, at the SBU recital hall.  Students call time is 6:30.  Dress is tux shirt and vest with all black pants, shoes and belt.    

Monday, October 15, 2012

Carthage Marching Festival Itinerary

Carthage Marching Festival

12:30pm  Call Time at the HS

1:00pm Depart

Bolivar - Warm-up at 3:30, Gate at 4:10 and Perform at 4:15
We will come home if we do not make finals.  If we do make finals, we will stay until final awards are over.  

There are 11 bands that play before us and a few that play after.  Students should plan to have money for one meal and concessions.  We will eat good on the way home and rely on concessions for the afternoon. 

Finals Awards 8:45pm

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marching Band at El Dorado - Recap

The Marching Band did great at El Dorado Springs Saturday.  Here is the recap.

1st Place Parade
1st Place Color Guard on Floor
1st Place Color Guard Field
1st Place Chow Award (Food) thanks to Jeff and Lisa Funk's smoker
2nd Place Band Field
3rd Place Percussion Floor
2nd Place Sweepstakes Overall

Thank you to all the parents who were there to help us with food and support.  You made this a great day for the kids.  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

El Dorado Festival Times

Here are our times for the El Dorado Festival.  They have decided not to do finals this year so we will only march once on the field.  We will also get home sooner. 

Call Time at School - 6:45

Parade - Starts at 9am up Town El Dorado

Flag Feature - Gym
Warmup - 11:07  Standby -11:14  Performance - 11:21

Percussion Feature - Gym
Warmup - 12:07  Standby -12:14  Performance - 12:21

Band on Field - 
Warmup2:45  Standby - 3:00  Performance - 3:15

Depart for Home - 5:00pm 

Home around 6:30ish.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

El Dorado Festival Information

Here is a rough itenerary for Saturday, October 13th, 2012.  Parents are welcome to attend our events.  We will need volunteers for lunch.  Talk to Lisa Funk for more on assisting for the day. 

Friday Game - We will be finished after Half so you can get home and rest.  The trailer will need to be reloaded so that you are aware of your equipment for the next day.  Make sure you keep track of everything.  This is SENIOR NIGHT and potentially our last home game.  There may be one more October 26th.  We will know about this soon.   

ELDO Fest 2012




         -We do not know our times yet.  I will hopefully have them posted by Monday


4:45PM  Drum and Guard Awards in Gym



Students should bring money for concessions and snacks.  We will provide food for lunch and leftovers for dinner, but concessions will provided anything for the trip home.  We will come straight home after the event.