Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Concert Program PDF

Christmas Program Outer

Christmas Program Inner

Christmas Concert All Bands - 6th -7th Grade 6:30 call time / 8th Grade and HS at 8:00

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Parade Cancelled

Due to the weather outside being frightful, the parade has been cancelled.  Enjoy the fire inside and have a delightful Saturday.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Disney Update

Remember to check the Disney Q&A for questions and updates.

Upcoming Dates and Times

December 6th Winter Sports Assmebly - Jazz Band - 2:15pm

December 7th State Band Auditions in Columbia - All Day

December 10th Girls Basket Ball Game - Jazz Band - 6:30pm

December 12th Load Trailer for Parade - Marching Band 

December 14th Christmas Parade - Marching Band - Call Time 1:00 SBU Music

December 16th Christmas Assembly HS - Concert Band - 2:00pm

December 17th Load Trailer at MS - All Day

December 17th Christmas Concert All Bands - 6th -7th Grade 6:30 call time / 8th Grade and HS at 8:00

December 19th Last Day of School

Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Parade and Christmas Concert Dates

The annual Bolivar Christmas Parade will be held on December 14th, 2013.  Call time is 1:00pm at the SBU Music Building.  

The Christmas Concert will be held on December 17th:

6th and 7th Grade - 7:00pm

8th and High School 8:00pm

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Saturday Game at 1:30pm (November 16)

The Saturday Game against Liberty North will begin at 1:30pm.  Because of Mogwog, we will be putting together a combined pep band with Jazz Band and Marching.  We will not take the field.  Bolivar Blue street clothes preferred. Students unable to attend must fill out a notice by Thursday.  

Mr. Trew will be in Marshfield with JH District Band all day Saturday.  I will need a setup crew to assist me at 12:30.  Let me know if you can help.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reminder: Monday Home Game (Nov 11th)

Don't forget about the Monday Home game.  As we discussed in class, the next two home games after Monday should be away.  If anything changes, we will let you know after Monday. (The Saturday Game is on for 1:30)

Call time is 5:45pm.

Friday, November 1, 2013

November 6th (Wednesday) Game / Marching Band

The High School Marching Band will play the Football Playoff Game on November 6th. As we said in class, we will be in the stands this time, behind the student cheering section.  As of now, the high is projected at 51 degrees with a 60% chance of rain.  This will likely change before next week. Make sure you adjust schedules for this one-time event.      

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Football Schedule for October and November (Tentative)

Tentative Football Schedule 2013
Jazz Band and Marching Band will be on call for each of these dates.  It will be your responsibility to hand in a 2 week notice by the end of this week (10-25) for all events listed.  I will use the 2 week notices to call home and verify your reason for missing.  Based on the notices, we will determine marching band or jazz band for each home game.  In the event that we go to St. Louis, we will ask all marching band members to prepare to take off for the Dome on November 29th.  The possibility exists for us to stay the night on the 29th.  I will need 2 week notices for every event you will miss.  I also need to gauge the willingness of families to give up plans for Thanksgiving in the event we make it to the last game.  This is an opportunity we will not want to miss. 

GAME POSSIBILITIES TBA – We must win the first three games to go on.  We will not travel to away games until the 29th.

           -October 25th – Last Normally Scheduled Game

-1) October 31st – Home Game

            -November 5th – District Auditions Mt. Grove

-2) November 6th – Home Game

-3) November 11th – Home Game
            -November 11th – Veterans Assembly Jazz Band

            -November 12th – Jazz Concert (7pm)
***The first three games are required to move on past this point!

-November 16th – Home Game or Away Game TBA
           -November 16th – Middle School District Band

-November 23rd – Home Game or Away Game TBA

           -November 27th – Thanksgiving Break

-November 29th – Way-Far-Away-Game @ St. Louis (1pm)

          -December 17th – Christmas Concert All Bands

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Reeds Spring Marching Festival Information

Reeds Spring (October 19th)

Times have changed a bit.

9:30am Depart Bolivar from HS
10:30am Lambert's Cafe in Ozark ($8.99 - $12.99 choice)
Bring Money for the way home.  Dinner is provided from boosters like last time. We can assist someone if necessary on extra meals.  

1:00 pm Warm-up Area in Uniform
2:15 pm Perform
6:00 - 9:00 pm - FINALS if we make it

El Dorado Marching Festival - 1st Place Field - 1st Place Parade - Sweepstakes Winner - 1st Place Color Guard

Congratulations to all the members of the Liberator Pride Marching Band for taking 1st place in nearly every category at the El Dorado Marching Festival this weekend.  Amazing job!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

El Dorado Times

El Dorado Springs Festival (October 12th)

6:45am Call Time (Uniform)
7:00am Depart Bolivar
9:00am Parade

Eat 11:30 - 1:00

COLORGUARD Warmup - 11:20               Standby - 11:40               Performance - 11:50

PERCUSSION - Warmup - 12:10               Standby - 12:30               Performance - 12:40

Practice Field - 4:15                                             
Standby - 4:30 
Performance - 4:45
Awards 5:30




Reeds Spirng (October 19th)

10:00am Depart Bolivar from HS
11:15am Quick Lunch (Fast Food)
Bring Money for two meals.  Dinner is provided from boosters.

1:00 pm Warmup Area in Uniform
2:15 pm Perfrom
6:00 - 9:00 pm - FINALS if we make it

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Homecoming Parade Photo

Great job today at the SBU Homecoming Parade!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Saturday Parade (Reposted from Below)

SBU Homecoming Parade
October 5th

Meet at First Baptist Church at 9:00am.
10:00 am Parade Starts

11:15 am End at SBU

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The fundraising products come in Thursday (October 3rd) at the High School.  Please come get them before 6:30pm.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Upcoming Dates and Times

El Dorado Springs Festival (October 12th)

6:45am Call Time (Uniform)
7:00am Depart Bolivar
9:00am Parade

COLORGUARD Warmup - 11:20               Standby - 11:40               Performance - 11:50

PERCUSSION - Warmup - 12:10               Standby - 12:30               Performance - 12:40

Practice Field - 4:15                                             
Standby - 4:30 
Performance - 4:45
Awards 5:30

Reeds Spring (October 19th)

Times have changed a bit...

9:30am Depart Bolivar from HS
11:00am Quick Lunch (Fast Food)
Bring Money for two meals.  Dinner is provided from boosters.

1:00 pm Warmup Area in Uniform
2:15 pm Perfrom
6:00 - 9:00 pm - FINALS if we make it

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

District and State Auditions / Performances

District Auditions November 5th at Mt. Grove
State Auditions December 7th at Columbia
Rehearsal at Parkview January 11th
Rehearsal and Concert at Central January 18th

MMEA January 22nd – 25th if you make State

Monday, August 26, 2013

Private Lessons

Private Lessons with 
Mr. Trew

Any student/parent interested in private lessons on guitar, bass, drum set, banjo, or mandolin can contact Mr. Trew.  Lessons are after school at either the middle or high school, depending on schedules.  Time slots are available but limited, so let me know if you are interested!!  

Instrument Display

Don't forget to come by the instrument display tomorrow any time between 3:30pm and 6:30pm.  It will be at the High School in the commons.  This is a great way to purchase the book and find out about instrument rental.  Students will need their instruments and book by next week if possible.  We will be starting slow, so if you need more time, it's perfectly fine.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Home Game

Our first home game is Friday, August 30th.  That morning, all band members will meet at SBU to try the new field out.  We will meet at 7:15AM to unload trailers and practice for the first home game.  If it rains that morning, we will go ahead and meet at school.  There will be two buses at 9:15am to cart kids back to school.  Students who drive can drive to SBU and back to school.  Students who do not drive must ride the bus back to school, even if a friend can take them back to school.  It does not matter how a student arrives at SBU.

Please make plans to arrive before 7:15am.  Mr. Trew and i will be there at 6:45am.  

Call time for the game on August 30th is 5:30.  Please make alterations to pants if needed.  The book cellar across from the courthouse can make alterations to pants for $5.  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

District Band Information

Students wishing to tryout for district band will need to follow the links below for materials.  The books that are needed can be ordered from any music store or by calling 1-800-345-6296 (www.JWPepper.com).  The materials can also be obtained from the band office by request.  

District tryouts dates are typically in November.  We do not have the dates listed yet, but you will see them on the calendar soon.  

Materials to get you started are listed below from the www.MissouriBandMasters.org website.  



Thursday, August 15, 2013

6th Grade Orientation Page

6th grade parents should see the orientation page listed in the links above. Over the next two weeks, we will be testing for instruments and surveying students concerning interests. Feel free to subscribe to this webpage using the email link to the right.  Comments can be made at the bottom of this page or from the orientation page.  Feel free to ask questions.

Rental Display Night: August 27th from 3:30 to 6:30 at the High School. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Disney 2014

Disney Trip 2014

The Disney trip 2014 is taking shape.  Here is a tentative itinerary and information to help you plan this trip.

Dates: June 2 - 7, 2014

Who can Participate: Band students, parents and family members of 8th - 12th grade band students. Charter bus seats are limited to students first.  Empty seats can go to parents if available. We will take 3 charters. 

See the menu above for Disney Forms and Q&A page.  

JUNE 2 Departure from Bolivar at 8AM on the 2nd of June.

JUNE 3 Arrive at Coco Beach at 8AM on the 3rd.

Arrive in Orlando Music Resort on property at 4:30pm.

JUNE 4 Magic Kingdom


JUNE 6 Hollywood Studios (MGM) - Downtown Disney - Depart 8pm for home...

JUNE 7 Arrive in Bolivar between 6pm to 8pm.  

The last date to signup for the trip is October 1st. A deposit of $410 is due by October 1st if you are just signing up. Any previous fundraising is listed in the band office and can be applied to the first deposit for 2014.  Students will have one indoor performance for 2.5 hours. the total cost of the trip is now set at $650 per student unless parts of the trip are not needed. For instance, if you are staying with parents in another hotel, you would save the fee on our end.  See the directors for information.  You can also ask questions by commenting at the bottom of this post. We anticipate 50 rooms and 150 + participants (3 Charters).  

Friday, July 19, 2013

Band Camp

Camp is just around the corner.  Dates and times can be found in the previous post.  Percussion Camp is 9am to Noon and the full camp is 9am to 3pm.  Students should bring the following items to camp:

1) Instrument

2) Music

3) Water Bottle

4) Lunch - Some students will go out to eat with other students (LUNCH 12-1pm).  No lunch needed for percussion camp.

5) Light clothing and tennis shoes.  Flip-flops are not a good idea for marching.  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marching Band Calendar 2013

Official:  Calendar Agenda

Receive Band Tweets: Text: 'follow Superiored' to 40404 

Band Camp Percussion and Guard ........ July 29-August 2 (9am - Noon)

Full Band Camp All ............................ August 5-9 - (9am - 3pm)

Home Game ............................. August 30

Home Game ............................. September 6

Homecoming Parade ................. September 20
Homecoming Game ................... September 20

SBU Homecoming Parade Only .....October 5 (Morning)

Home Game ............................ October 11

Eldo Marching Festival ............... October 12
Reeds Spring Marching Festival .... October 19
Home Game ............................. October 25

TBA Home Game ....................... November 1

Friday, May 24, 2013

New Drum Major Jackie Carson


Jackie Carson is our new Drum Major for 2013-2014!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

State Contest Results - Solo Ensemble

Congratulations to the following students for their brilliant performance at State Music Contest in Columbia this past weekend.  These students scored a I (Superior) or II rating at contest.

Kuchta - I - Alto Sax Solo
Kuchta - I - Soprano Sax 
Kuchta - I - Sax Ensemble
Hartley - I - Sax Ensemble
Jenkins - I - Sax Ensemble
McClard - I - Trumpet Solo
Skopec - II - Trumpet Solo
Hurd - II - Tuba Solo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

State Music Contest Schedule - April 27th

State Schedule 2013



__ ROOM 110 SMU 09:45    V ensemble        Hitchcock            Girls Double Quartet    George, Barbara
__ ROOM 110 SMU 09:52    V ensemble        Meadows             Girls Sextet    George, Barbara

__ ROOM 110 SMU 09:59    V solo                Jackson                Boys Vocal    George, Barbara
__ ROOM 206 SMU 10:20    V solo                Geurin                  Girls Vocal    George, Barbara 
__ ROOM 107 SMU 10:55    V solo                Brandt                  Girls Vocal    George, Barbara
__ ROOM 107 SMU 11:02    V solo                Nordan                 Girls Vocal    George, Barbara


__ ROOM 016 SMU 09:38    I solo                  Kuchta                  Alto Saxophone    *Smart Music
__ ROOM 222 NMU 10:06   I solo                  Skopec                  Trumpet    *Smart Music
__ ROOM 304 SMU 11:51    I solo                  McClard                Trumpet    *Smart Music
__ ROOM 016 SMU 01:15    I ensemble          Kuchta                   Saxophone Trio
__ ROOM 204 SMU 01:22    I ensemble          Malone                  B-Flat Clarinet Quartet
__ ROOM 016 SMU 02:25    I solo                  Kuchta                  Soprano Saxophone    *Smart Music
__ ROOM 201 NMU 02:32   I ensemble          Webb                    Trombone Quartet


> LEAVE BHS: approximately 3:15pm, loading the bus at the 3pm dismissal
> RETURN TO BHS: Saturday, approx. 6pm (possibly earlier depending on the events of the day, please have reliable contact # available for your child to call if we are returning before 6pm)
> 1. Conservative dress clothing, dress socks, dress shoes for contest.
> 2. Casual clothing for Friday Fun Night trip to the Columbia Mall.
> 3. Cash for meals other than the hot breakfast supplied at hotel on Saturday. You will be responsible for 2 dinners, 1 lunch, and snacks/drinks throughout the trip.
> Wendy Smith (Rachel’s Mother)
> I was assured that all of these rooms will be blocked together for safety and security...and appropriate bedtime guaranteed! ;) If you are a parent who would like to secure lodging, please contact Anna Wooderson, asap. There are still three rooms available!
> Please feel free to call me prior to Friday afternoon at:
> 417-326-5228 extension 240 or awooderson@bolivarschools.org
> Please feel free to call me during the trip at:
> 417-770-6535 - My cell phone is private, however, I can be reached during this trip at this number. Please feel free to call if you have an emergency.
> LODGING: Days Inn Conference Center in Columbia, MO - *Map Available Online
> 1900 I 70 Dr. Sw
> Columbia, MO
> 1-573-445-8511

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

District Solo and Ensemble Results Posted Here

Ratings will be posted here throughout the day.

Mallet Solo
Trombone Quartet
Trumpet TRIO
Clarinet Solo
Sop. Solo

Alto Solo
Clarinet Solo
Trombone Solo
Trumpet Solo
Clarinet Quartet
Tuba Solo
Trumpet Solo
Clarinet Quartet
Sax Trio

Great Job Israel on your Fine Arts Drum Solo

Congratulations to Israel on a fine job at his annual Fine Arts Competition.  Out of 36 points, Israel scored 33.33 on his trap set solo.    

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ratings for MS Contest at Marshfield

Congratulations to the following students for an outstanding day at Marshfield.  63 I Ratings!!!
Alexander Trumpet 1
Ashlock Trio 1
Ashlock Flute 1
Ashlock Flute 1
Baer Clarinet 1
Barron Baritone 1
Bethards Flute 1
Bhadu Flute 1
Bhadu Trio 1
Bruce Snare 1
Carney Clarinet 1
Coffin Flute 1
Conley Snare 2
Costello Clarinet 1
Cox Trombone 1
Cox Bass 1
Cunningham Snare 1
Dever Clarinet 1
England Baritone 1
Evans Evans 1
Frost Piano 1
Frost Trumpet 2
Geurin Trio 1
Geurin Alto Sax 1
Gilmore Clarinet 1
Gilmore Flute 1
Hadank Trumpet 1
Hall Alto Sax 1
Hamby Horn 2
Harp Snare 1
Harvey Clarinet 1
Holt Piano 1
Hopwood Clarinet 1
Jenkins Trombone 1
Jenkins Trumpet 1
Kramer Snare 2
Lay Flute 1
Leible Tuba 1
Long Snare 1
Martin Bass 1
Martin Baritone 1
McKay Alto Sax 1
Meadows Alto Sax 1
Meadows Piano 1
Mills Guitar 1
Morgan Alto Sax 1
Morgan Piano 1
Myrick Snare 1
Pitts Alto Sax 1
Pyle Clarinet 1
Pyle Piano 1
Ramirez Mallet 1
Rieck Trumpet 1
Saylor Tuba 2
Spangler Snare 2
Steele Trumpet 1
Stevens Snare 1
Taylor Flute 1
Toombs Trumpet 1
Vaughn Trumpet 1
Vaughn Clarinet 1
Welch Alto Sax 1
Wells Flute 1
West Flute 1
White Alto Sax 1
Williams Trumpet 1
Wollard Alto Sax 1