Thursday, January 31, 2013

Middle School Solo / Ensemble Contest

The date for the Marshfield Contest is March 2, 2013.  

Students from the 6-8th grades will attend, but only if they can produce one of 30 different solos for the directors in class.  Solos come from the Standard of Excellence Festival Solos books I and II.  We have plenty of extra books this year.  Students can request solos from the directors at any time.  

Students will depart for Marshfield early in the morning.  Parents are welcome to attend and a schedule of events will be posted shortly before the last week of February.  We can also arrange special times for performance if schedules conflict.  When the day is completed, typically around 4:00pm, we will then travel to Fazoli's and Andy's on Glenstone Avenue.  We should arrive home around 7pm.  

Students will need money for lunch and the evening meal.  Food is available throughout the day at Marshfield.  

Dress should be jeans and band shirt or Sunday best.  

The performances will be held at Marshfield Junior High School.  

Marshfield Middle School Map

Directions from Bolivar