Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Marshfield Contest Saturday

Marshfield Solo and Ensemble Contest
Saturday, March 2, 2013

We will depart for Marshfield Saturday morning at 7:15.  Parents are welcome to attend.  When the day is completed, typically around 4:00pm, we will then travel to Fazoli's and Andy's on Glenstone Avenue.  We should arrive home around 7pm.  

Students will need money for lunch and the evening meal.  Food is available throughout the day at Marshfield.  Dress should be jeans and band shirt or Sunday best.  The performances will be held at Marshfield Junior High School, 660 N Locust St., Marshfield, MO.

Schedules will be distributed tomorrow.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Uniforms for 2013 - 2014 - Band Camp Dates


I would like to take this opportunity to display our new band uniform coming in July.  See the link below.  Also, our band camp dates this year will be as follows:

July 29-August 2 - Color Guard and Drum Line

August 5 - 9 - All Band Members

Students wishing to be in marching band must come to their assigned weeks of camp.  If there are conflicts, directors will make the decision on absences, but only if we know ahead of camp.  Freshman must not miss camp.  Students not enrolled in marching band due to absence from camp can still be in concert band.  We will change schedules on August 1st for those students missing camp.  

The show this year is Summon the Heroes.  The music will be based on the opener of the 1996 Olympics by the same name, as well as music from Gladiator and Superman.  The music and recordings will be distributed before school is finished in May.  

Here is a link to our Freshmen welcome page:  Freshmen Welcome Page

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.  

Steve McClard
John Trew

Jazz Band at MSU

Missouri State University

- - Saturday, February 23, 2013 - -

We will depart at 9:00am.  The trailer will be loaded shortly before.  If you arrive 15 minutes early, this will help us get out the door in time.  You will need money for lunch at Subway and an evening meal up town.  Make sure you wear your black when you arrive to school.  We will be staying for the evening performance.  If you need to be picked up after 12:00pm, secure a ride from a parent only.  Make sure you check out with us before you leave.  
There are three venues with more bands performing.  The venu below is where we will preform.  

Wehr #123 Venue
Class 3 Bands / Class 4 Bands – (warmup Wehr 2nd floor)

Warmup                      Performance

10:30am                      11:00am      Carl Junction HS “Jazz Train” – class 4
11:00am                      11:30am      Bolivar HS Jazz Band – class 4         
                                    12:00pm        BREAK
12:00pm                      12:30pm      Chillicothe HS Jazz Band - class 4
12:30pm                      1:00pm        School of the Osage Jazz Band – class 4
1:00pm                        1:30pm        Nevada HS Jazz Band – class 4

1:30pm                        2:00pm        Diamond HS Jazz Band – class 3
2:00pm                        2:30pm        Charleston HS “Blue Jazz” – class 3

3:15pm                       Outstanding Jazzer Recognition Certificates & Photo Opp

3:45pm                       MSU JAZZ STUDIES ENSEMBLE

4:10pm                       Master Class by JEFF COFFIN

4:40pm                       MSU JAZZ BAND

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Congratulations to 10 band members attending the Ozark Honor Band Festival 

Ten band members from the Bolivar High School Band attended the annual Ozark Honor Festival this past Friday and Saturday.   The event was sponsored by Southwest Baptist University Music Department.