Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Parade

Students will meet at the SBU Music Building at 1:00pm.  We will get into uniform at that time.  The parade kicks off from the Assembly of God area at 2:00pm.  We then end the parade around 2:45pm at the Music Building at SBU.

Bring your Santa Hat!

Text if you have questions.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Upcoming Dates December 2014

Dates and Information available at www.BolivarMusic.org

-December 6th - State Band Auditions

-December 9th - Jazz Band Basketball Game (Christmas Music)

-December 12th - Jazz Band Christmas Assembly 10:30am.  Parents are welcome to attend.

-December 13th - Christmas Parade HS Band

-December 16th - Christmas Concert Concert Band - 8:00pm BHS Auditorium
     ---Concert Dress is All Black for HS Band

*** 6th and 7th Grade will perform at 7:00pm on December 16th.  Dress is performance shirt with jeans for MS students. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Marshfield Honor Band Day

November 15, 2014  Marshfield J.H. School

Arrive at Middle School to load bus 6 am 
Depart for Marshfield 6:15 ish.
Arrive at Marshfield                       7:30-7:45 AM
    Report to audition rooms:
There will be room info and a map at the registration table.
Chair Placement/Room Sectionals      8:00-8:35
Group Sectionals                                 8:45 – 9:15   
Rehearsal                                             9:30 - Noon      Mr. Trew will be in and out and can be                                                                                  found in the Library if there is an emergency.         
Lunch                                       Noon - 1:15     (we will go eat out $5-10)
Rehearsal                                             1:30 – 4:00
Concert                                                5:00 PM
You will change clothes between end of rehearsal and concert.  Bring nice clothes!!!!
Clinicians                    Nathan Wilhoit - 7th grade             Scott Kuhlman  - 8th grade
This year's concert is at 5:00 at Marshfield Junior High School. Both the 7th and 8th grade bands will perform. 
Dinner                         After the concert:  FazzAndys Springfield ($10-15)
Arrive Home around 8:30-9pm
******If parents want to take their child home, make sure Mr. Trew visually checks out student.
Mr. Trew 417-343-0656  you may text me for quick response.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

District Honor Band & Jazz Auditions 2014

SCMMEA District Honor Band & Jazz Auditions
@ Parkview HS, Springfield.  McClard and Students will leave after school Tuesday.

Room Assignments - November 4, 2014
General Room Assignments:
Festival Office Room 132 (Conf. Room)
Director’s Lounge Room 162B
Warm-Up Room Room 169 (Cafeteria)

Honor Band Audition Room Assignments:

Clarinet Scales Room 183
Clarinet Etudes Room 185

Trumpet Scales Room 154
Trumpet Etudes Room 152

Jazz Band Audition Room Assignments:
Jazz Rhythm Room 136 (Choir)

1. Students are NEVER to be in any unused/unassiged areas of the building.
2. Drop off/Check-In will occur on Chrisman Drive at the SOUTH ENTRY by the cafeteria
3. Students are to ONLY use the CAFETERIA for rehearsal/warm-up

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Carthage Times Saturday

Carthage Marching Festival - October 18th, 2014

9:15am Call Time High School

9:30am Depart

11:30 Lunch in Carthage at the Park (Provided by Parents)

12:45 Uniforms on

1:15 Depart for the Field

1:30 Bathroom / Get Ready

2:10 - Warmup

2:45 - Gate for Performance

-Get out of Uniform

3:30-5pm - Watch Bands

5:00 Awards / Eat Concessions

6:25 - 7:40 Finals if we make it


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

El Dorado Springs Schedule 2014


Please email me soon if you will be there as a parent to assist with lunch.  I think the Pyle family will be grilling.  We will need help getting food and supplies there to the site.  Email me if you can help out.  smcclard@bolivarschools.org 

Students should bring desserts to BHS in the morning.  Anything will do.  You could bring chips or soda as well.  Bottled water will be taken care of by Trew/McClard.

-6:46am Call Time at School

-Bibbers and Shoes on when you arrive.  Hang the rest back on the racks.  Load Trailers.  We will get hats and the rest of the uniform on there.

-8:30am Parade LineuP

-9:00am Parade Start

El Dorado Springs              Exhibition
Pierce City                            White
Butler                                     White
Forsyth                                  Black
Fordland                               Black
Seneca                                   Black
Bolivar                                  Red
Carthage                               Red

10:15 Guard Practice with Sponsor  

11:00 Percussion Practice with Trew (keep bibbers and shoes on after parade) 

***Indoor Guard:  Warmup: 11:10  Standby: 11:30  Perform: 11:40

***Indoor Percussion: Warmup: 11:50  Standby: 12:10  Perform: 12:20

-12:45 Lunch (Grill and what you bring to go with it)

***-2:00 UNIFORMS rehang all items, cases and boxes)  DO NOT PLAY!

 ***FIELD: Practice Field: 2:30    Standby: 3:00    Perform: 3:15

3:35 - Stand in block on track watching Carthage at attention

4:00 - Flash Mob on Field, but only if / when announced by Press Box 

?5:00 - Get dolly to carry all the awards back to the bus

?5:00 - Return to bus empty handed

5:45 - Go eat at Macdaddys.  Keep an eye on Katherine as she eats her ice-cream cone.  

Late:30ish Arrive Home and sleep until Monday

Monday, September 29, 2014

SBU Parade ONLY Saturday

The schedule says parade and field, but we will only be doing the field this year.  SBU is doing something different for half this year, so we will do the parade only.

Students should meet at the White House across from the First Baptist church Saturday morning at 9:00am.  We will then load the trailers at the end of the Parade at the SBU Music Building.  

Call Time 9:00am at FBC BOLIVAR

Parade starts at 10:00am

Meet at SBU 11:00am to load trailer / Music Building

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homecoming Details

On Friday, students will be lining up for the Parade after the Assembly.  Students will need rides after the parade at 3:15pm from First Baptist Church.  The game call time is 5:30pm. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Photos from Stephen's for Band

Stephen's Photography will be at the Game Friday night (Sept. 5) at 5:15pm for individual photos.  Students have been offered forms in band class since last week, so you should see them coming home.  Students taking individuals should be there no later than 5:00pm to get read for their picture.  At 6:00pm, we will have a group photo in the recital hall.  Please have your kids get the form from us if they are interested.  Forms are sitting on the piano in the band room. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

District Band

Dates for district band are on our schedule.  Any students interested in trying out should see me for music.  Before you see me, make sure you have visited this link:

Audition Lists Band

Audition Lists Jazz

Picture from Rehearsal Today

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Marching Schedule 2014

Bolivar High School Band
Marching Schedule 2014
August 22                    First Home Game                                SBU 5:30pm
September 1               Fundraiser Kickoff (Cookie Dough)     2 Week Sale
September 5               Home Game                                        SBU 5:30pm
September 19               Home Game                                        SBU 5:30pm

September 26             Homecoming Parade                          BHS to FBC
-Ends at FBC Church around 3:30pm.  Secure a ride home or back to school from there.

September 26             Home Game                                        SBU 5:30pm

October 4                    SBU Parade                                         SBU Morning
October 4                    SBU Field for Homecoming                SBU 2:00pm
October 10                  Home Game                                        SBU 5:30pm
October 11                  El Dorado Springs Festival                  TBA (All Day)
October 18                  Carthage Marching Festival               TBA (All Day)
October 24                  Home Game (Playoff)                         TBA
October 31                  Home Game (Playoff)                         TBA
November 4                District Band Auditions                       TBA
November 11              Possible Home Game                          TBA
December 13              Christmas Parade                               TBA
December 16              All Bands Christmas Concert             7:00pm / 8pm

As always, check the band website for an updated calendar, attendance policy and syllabus (www.bolivarmusic.org).  In the event you must miss a performance, fill out a 2 week notice form available on the website or in the band room.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Band Camp

I wanted to get out a quick email reminding you about our upcoming band camp.  Please remember that students who do not attend camp will either be dropped from the class 1st semester or will be placed in the Alternate section until a position becomes available in the show.  Unless other arrangements have been made, only those students in attendance at camp will be charted on the field.  If you have conflicts, please email or text me at the addresses below. 

Here are the dates and times:

Week 1 / Percussion and Guard Members - July 28-August 1st
9am - Noon for Percussion
9am - 3pm for Guard

Week 2 / All Band Members - August 4-8
9am - 3pm All

For both weeks, we will take a one hour break for lunch.  Students are welcome to stay at school or go out with friends. 

Please visit www.bolivarmusic.org for a schedule of events.  To follow the band tweets on your phone, text to 40404 - Follow Superiored.

417-770-0150 - Text

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Upcoming Contests (April 11th and May 2-3rd)

-Large Ensemble April 11th

All high school band students will be performing at SBU on April 11th for the State Large Ensemble Contest.  Students will need to arrive at SBU no later than 4:15pm wearing all black.  Since this is a State event, all students are required to attend and sports practices/(non-state events) are forgiven.  

 Please inform your coaches of this date and time.  I will send a general email to all HS teachers with the date and times.  Parents are welcome to attend the performance.

Here is the schedule for the day:

4:15PM  Arrive at SBU Music Bldg and get instrument/music from trailer
4:40PM  Warm-up
5:05PM  Performance in Pike
5:30PM  Sight-reading
5:50PM  Percussion return to Pike to load our equipment
6:00PM Ratings Posted

-State Solo Ensemble

Dates are May 2-3rd at Columbia.  Students making I ratings at District can attend and are signed up.  If you cannot attend, your event will be canceled for all ensemble members.  Let us know now if you are unable to attend so we can avoid the entry fee.  

The bus leaves BHS on May 2nd at 3:00pm.  We will eat at Chili’s in Osage Beach.  We will then go to the Truman Hotel to spend the night in Jefferson City, MO.  No movie this year.  We will possibly go do another activity.  Plan on having money for a movie at another theater.  

We will leave Jeff City early Sat. morning and attend our first event in Columbia that morning.  Dress nice for your event. We are taking one bus and a trailer for luggage and instruments.  We will leave for home when the last event is complete.  

If you leave with parents, you must check out first with Mrs. Wooderson or Mr. McClard.  Students can only ride with their own parents unless prearranged with the HS office before we depart.