Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Upcoming Contests (April 11th and May 2-3rd)

-Large Ensemble April 11th

All high school band students will be performing at SBU on April 11th for the State Large Ensemble Contest.  Students will need to arrive at SBU no later than 4:15pm wearing all black.  Since this is a State event, all students are required to attend and sports practices/(non-state events) are forgiven.  

 Please inform your coaches of this date and time.  I will send a general email to all HS teachers with the date and times.  Parents are welcome to attend the performance.

Here is the schedule for the day:

4:15PM  Arrive at SBU Music Bldg and get instrument/music from trailer
4:40PM  Warm-up
5:05PM  Performance in Pike
5:30PM  Sight-reading
5:50PM  Percussion return to Pike to load our equipment
6:00PM Ratings Posted

-State Solo Ensemble

Dates are May 2-3rd at Columbia.  Students making I ratings at District can attend and are signed up.  If you cannot attend, your event will be canceled for all ensemble members.  Let us know now if you are unable to attend so we can avoid the entry fee.  

The bus leaves BHS on May 2nd at 3:00pm.  We will eat at Chili’s in Osage Beach.  We will then go to the Truman Hotel to spend the night in Jefferson City, MO.  No movie this year.  We will possibly go do another activity.  Plan on having money for a movie at another theater.  

We will leave Jeff City early Sat. morning and attend our first event in Columbia that morning.  Dress nice for your event. We are taking one bus and a trailer for luggage and instruments.  We will leave for home when the last event is complete.  

If you leave with parents, you must check out first with Mrs. Wooderson or Mr. McClard.  Students can only ride with their own parents unless prearranged with the HS office before we depart.