Friday, August 29, 2014

District Band

Dates for district band are on our schedule.  Any students interested in trying out should see me for music.  Before you see me, make sure you have visited this link:

Audition Lists Band

Audition Lists Jazz

Picture from Rehearsal Today

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Marching Schedule 2014

Bolivar High School Band
Marching Schedule 2014
August 22                    First Home Game                                SBU 5:30pm
September 1               Fundraiser Kickoff (Cookie Dough)     2 Week Sale
September 5               Home Game                                        SBU 5:30pm
September 19               Home Game                                        SBU 5:30pm

September 26             Homecoming Parade                          BHS to FBC
-Ends at FBC Church around 3:30pm.  Secure a ride home or back to school from there.

September 26             Home Game                                        SBU 5:30pm

October 4                    SBU Parade                                         SBU Morning
October 4                    SBU Field for Homecoming                SBU 2:00pm
October 10                  Home Game                                        SBU 5:30pm
October 11                  El Dorado Springs Festival                  TBA (All Day)
October 18                  Carthage Marching Festival               TBA (All Day)
October 24                  Home Game (Playoff)                         TBA
October 31                  Home Game (Playoff)                         TBA
November 4                District Band Auditions                       TBA
November 11              Possible Home Game                          TBA
December 13              Christmas Parade                               TBA
December 16              All Bands Christmas Concert             7:00pm / 8pm

As always, check the band website for an updated calendar, attendance policy and syllabus (  In the event you must miss a performance, fill out a 2 week notice form available on the website or in the band room.