Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Concert

Concert Reminder for this evening (December 17th)

6:30pm 6th Grade

7:00pm 7th and 8th Grade

8:00pm High School

Students need to be at least 20 minutes early.  Middle school is in performance shirts.  High School in all black. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Parade Information for Saturday, December 12th

Students need Uniform, Santa Hat, Marching Shoes, Uniform and Instruments.  These items should already be loaded on the trailer.  We meet at the SBU Music Building at 1:00pm.  Be Early.  Parade starts at 2:00pm.  We should be finished at around 3:00pm.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Middle School District Band Times

November 21, 2015
Marshfield J.H. School

-Depart: 6:30AM
-Arrive: 7:30-7:45 AM
-Chair Placement: 8:00-8:35AM
-Group Sectionals 8:45 – 9:15
-Rehearsal 9:30 - Noon
-Lunch Noon - 1:15 –
             The bus will take you to lunch.             

             Bring money for two meals.
-Rehearsal 1:30 – 4:00
-Concert 5:00
-FuzAndy’s   6:30   
Arrive Home….Sometime

Upcoming Dates for Band

November 3rd - District Auditions Marshfield

November 5th - Jazz Band at BHS for Missouri State Board of Education meeting.  We should be playing around 5:30pm.  Details TBA.

November 10th - Jazz Band at BHS for Veteran's Day

November 17th - Jazz Band at BHS for Concert

November 21st - Middle School District at Marshfield

December 5th - State Auditions

December 12th - Christmas Parade

December 17th - Christmas Concert

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


As you might know, Mr. Trew was planning on writing show music based on Zelda.  Since Nintendo has a very strict policy on the copyright of their music, we abandoned this idea.  Enjoy this video of their music performed by the Legend of Zelda Orchestra. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Carthage Marching Festival October 17th

Here is a rundown for times at Carthage on the 17th of October.  

-9am  Call Time at High School
2 hours to Carthage.  Directions below.
-11am Carthage Park for Food and Fun - Students will bring soda and or snacks for the table.  We will be serving Pizza or Subs.  We will let you know soon.  Please let us know if you have a special diet.  As always, we will help out on food costs for anyone who is in need.  Directions to the park are below. Once you get there, drive the main park road to find us near baseball field in the low lands.  It will not be the same place as last year.  

-12:30pm  In Uniforms / Load Buses

-1:00pm Depart for Carthage 

-2:15 - Warm-up
-2:55 - Gate
-3:00 - Perform

Concessions for meal.  Bring some money or pack food.  Coolers in the back of truck and Trailblazer.   

-5:45 - Prelim Awards 

If we make Finals, we will stay late.  Plan on concessions to fill you up for way home.  If we do not make finals, we depart at 6:30pm and stop somewhere to eat fast.  Plan on making finals!!!  We may be very late getting home if we make finals.  Finals end at 10:00pm.  We have made finals 3 out of 5 times at Carthage over the years.  

Two university bands will be performing this year.  They should be exciting. Here are the bands in our class:

Bolivar C PF Café 2:15 2:55 3:00

Harrison C PF Gym 2:30 3:10 3:15

Staley C PF Band 2:45 3:25 3:30

Webb City C PPF Café 3:00 3:40 3:45


DIRECTIONS to School827 E Centennial Ave, Carthage, MO 64836

This event is held at Carthage Middle School


We will need serving Giant sub sandwiches for lunch on Saturday, but will need students to bring deserts, soda and/or chips.  We will be at the Carthage park near the baseball field at the lower end.  You may need to drive around a bit to find us.  Details for the day are on the website. 

So that we are organized, please bring items according to the following list:

Flutes and Clarinets - Deserts

Trumpets, Horns, Sax - Soda in 2 Liter Bottles

Low Brass, Percussion - Chips

If you would like to make a desert, fee free.  We will ask students on Thursday to make sure we get this as organized as possible.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tickets Prices and "Discounts" Branson Marching Festival October 10th

The ticket prices are very high at USBAND Festivals.  At the gate, the tickets will be $15 for parents and $10 for kids under 12.  The tickets I have at a discount are $12 each (adult) and can be purchased from us tomorrow from the main office or in the morning before we leave Saturday.  I can also get them to you at the Landing, but this will be the last opportunity.  Parking might require you to have a ticket.  We are also required to give our extra tickets back at registration, so once we arrive, that's it.  Of course, students who march can enter for free with a uniform bibber or in a large group entering at the band entrance. 

I still have a few passes for those who will be assisting us that day, but I can only give them to adult parents / guardians.  So far, we have received a few requests.  I have approximately 5 staff passes left for those who help out.

Sorry for the shockingly high prices.  This is not typical for most of our local festivals.  Since this is the first USBAND Festival we have ever had in the area, it's a learning experience for us all.  

Kids can get tickets tomorrow in class if they bring the money to us.  We send all $12 back to the festival, along with our unused tickets.   

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New Call Time Branson October 10th

We will be meeting at BHS Saturday at Noon now.  Students will need money for a meal at the Branson Landing and concessions at the event.  Please let us know if money is an issue and we can help out.  Students simply need to come to us that day and let us know.  Students can also bring lunches.  I would also make sure a hoodie is packed for the evening.  The web page has details and times for performance. 

Here are prices for concessions:

Hamburger $2.00 Popcorn $1.00

Cheeseburger $2.50 Giant Pickle $1.00

Hot Dog $2.00 Chips $.50

Nachos $2.00 Candy $1.00

Pretzel $2.00 Soda $2.00

Pretzel w/cheese $2.50 Water $1.50

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Upcoming Events

October 2nd - Friday Home game - Sportsmate pictures by Stephen's Photography.  Those taking pictures need to arrive at 4:30pm to change.  Group picture at 6:00pm.  Normal call time of 5:30 for those not taking sportsmates.

October 10th - Saturday in Branson (Branson High School)

12:00pm Call Time at BHS (NOTE NEW TIME!)

1:30pm Branson Landing

3:45pm Branson High School

6:00pm Perform

9:45pm Awards

October 17th - Carthage Marching Festival

Agenda View Calendar

Fri Oct 2, 2015All day
All day
Home FB Game
Wed Oct 7, 2015All day
Delievery of Fundraiser
Fri Oct 9, 2015All day
End of 1st Qtr
All day
Last Early Band
Sat Oct 10, 2015All day
Branson USA Bands Festival
Fri Oct 16, 2015All day
Home FB Game
Sat Oct 17, 2015All day
Carthage Marching Festival
Tue Oct 20, 2015All day
Open House HS
Wed Oct 21, 2015All day
Open House HS
Thu Oct 22, 2015All day
Deadline Distric Band Entries
Fri Oct 23, 2015All day
No School
All day
Fri Oct 30, 2015All day
Possible Home Game

Monday, September 21, 2015

SBU Homecoming Parade Saturday

Please notice the schedule on the back of the shirt.  Two dates have changed.  This weekend, we will not be going to the Walnut Festival Parade, but we will be doing the SBU Homecoming Parade.  

***9am Call Time at the First Baptist Church
---We will get into uniform and then reload the trailers.

***10am Parade

***10:45am End at SBU.  Trailers will be there.  DO NOT CHANGE OUTSIDE!  We will use two rooms inside to change.  

Enjoy the rest of our Saturday...


The second date to change is the El Dorado Festival on October 10th.  We are now going to Branson.

1:00pm Call Time at BHS

2:30pm Branson Landing

4:30pm Branson High School

6:00pm Perform

9:45pm Awards

Friday, August 21, 2015

Silly Wabbits - Mr. McClard's Rabbit Sanctuary

Some of the middle school band students asked me to post this video.  

Enjoy.  Ninja rabbit at 1:20.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

High School Parent Meeting 8-18-15

Jazz Band Summary

-Text @smcclard to 81010

-Website address:  Follow the page using the "follow by email" link.  

-Please make sure your email address is correct with the central office.  We will use the SIS system to send email regularly.  

-No concerts 1st semester.  2 Concerts 2nd semester.  We will also have many pep band events at ballgames and assemblies.  There is a chance we will once again use the Boiler Room for our first concert.  We may also be invited back to the MOB event in Springfield.  

-Pep Band 1st semester.  We will order a shirt.

-Possible trip to Worlds of Fun in May.  Cost should be approximately $30 per person.  Fundraising for this year can be used.  

-Students will be provided with a black tux shirt.  They will need to provide black pants, black socks / shoes and black belt.  

Marching / Concert Band Summary

-Text @smcclard to 81010

-Website address:  Follow the page using the "follow by email" link.  

-Please make sure your email address is correct with the central office.  We will use the SIS system to send email regularly.  

-Marching Contests October 10, October 17.

-Home games meet at SBU music building. Usually @ 5:30pm.

-Stockton Walnut Festival Parade is not going to happen, we will be here in Bolivar for the SBU Homecoming Parade.

-Join the Band Parent Organization to support our program.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

6th Grade Band Information 2015-2016

Beginning Band Survey

If you are receiving this slip (also in an email), your son or daughter is enrolled in the Bolivar Middle School 6th Grade band class.  The 2015 beginning band class is the largest we have had in 10 years.  Because of this, Mr. Trew and I need to plan ahead for school instruments.  If you will be renting, or already have an instrument, please let your son or daughter know this information.  If you need a school instrument, please fill in the information below, and then return this slip by Monday (August 17th).  Students can also simply tell us in class. 

-Instrument rent-to-own display night at the High School is August 25th.  Springfield Music Store will be available for instrument rentals.  Before this date, we will be trying out instruments in class.  Please inform your son or daughter about renting, using previously owned horns, or using school instruments.  School instruments are limited and the choice of instrument will be up to the teacher if other access to equipment is not available.  All percussion instruments are assigned by audition only. is our band website.  More information concerning beginning band is available there.   For regular updates to the page, visit the website and add your email to the ‘Follow Me by Email” link. 

-Please make sure your current Email is on file with the middle school office.  Most of our communication will be discriminated by email. 

-Beginning Band will perform one concert this year in the Spring.  Dates will be posted on the website. 

Parent NAME:  _______________________

Student NAME: ____________________________

Please return this form if you think you will need a school instrument instead of rent to own from a music store.

Yes (School Instrument) _____

No (We will rent or already have an instrument available) _____

Type of Instrument _____________________

Comments: _______________________________________________________________



Steve McClard – Text or Call (417-770-0150) / Email (
John Trew – Text or Call (417-343-0656) / Email (

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Band Camp Times

The first week of camp is July 20-24th for Guard and Percussion. 

-Percussion 9am - Noon
-Guard 9am - 3pm

The second week of camp is July 27 - 31st for All Band Members.

-9am - 3pm

Students can bring lunch in or go out with friends.  We will be there to supervise during the lunch hours.  It would be helpful to have a water bottle that can be filled and closed.  We try to manage the outside time so that students are not stressed by the heat.  Much of our work on basics can be done in the gym.  The cost for shoes is still $20 for freshmen and those students needing new shoes.  We will place one order for all shoes after camp. 

Let us know if you have any questions.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

State Schedule

8:21WhitmoreAnthony AzzunPiano Solo
10:34102 Methodist ChurchA MeadowsVocal SoloB. George
1:01132 MiddlebushK HarveyVocal SoloB. George
1:57208 South Mem UnionAu MeadowsVocal SoloB. George
2:32206 South Mem UnionM PodeynVocal SoloB. George
2:39206 South Mem UnionM HitchcockVocal SoloM. DeClue
2:46206 South Mem UnionRl DickensheetVocal SoloB. George
3:07206 South Mem UnionWomen's DQ BehnkeVocal EnsM. DeClue
3:14206 South Mem UnionWomen's DQ CoxVocal EnsB. George

8:07Waters AuditoriumJ CarsonMallet Solo
8:4218 Fine Arts Bldg AnnexSax Trio MeadowsSax Trio
9:10148 Fine Arts BldgA MeadowsSaxophone Solo
9:211 Stotler N Mem UnionPerc Ensemble 1

9:38304 South Mem UnionBrass QuintetEnsemble
10:153 Stotler N Mem UnionMallet Quartet

10:20110 South Mem UnionClarinet Quartet

11:09206 North Mem UnionJ BallingerTrombone Solo
11:30107 South Mem UnionC MartinBaritone Horn
11:51016 South Mem UnionM HopwoodClarinet Solo
1:29222 North Mem UnionS SkopecTrumpet Solo
2:32206 North Mem UnionK BuxbaumTrombone Solo

Monday, April 20, 2015

2015 Contest Performance 1 Rating

Congratulations to the BHS Band for their 1 Rating at Contest this year! This marks the 15th consecutive 1 Rating for the Bolivar Band Program.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Upcoming HS Band Events

High School Band
Here are the next two upcoming events for the High School band.  As always, consult our schedule at for more.  

1)     State Large Ensemble Contest on April 17th – Dress is all black.
Students will meet in all black at the SBU music building at 4:45pm.  We will warm-up at 5:35pm and perform at 6:00pm in Pike Auditorium.  Dress is all black.  This is a state contest, so all practices and/or games that are not State events are excused for students participating in this event. All students are expected to be there.  Please adjust work schedules.  2 Week notices will not be excused.   Students will be finished by 7:00pm.

2)      May 1st – 2nd - State Solo and Ensemble contest at Columbia.  Dress is Nice for Saturday.  No jeans or printed shirts. 
 Students will leave school at 3:00pm, eat in Osage beach, visit the mall, then travel to Jeff City and stay the night at Truman Hotel.  We will then wake early in the morning and perform in Columbia.  We should return home late Saturday night.  

3)    May 7th – Spring Concert.  Dress is all black.
6:30pm – 6th Grade Band
7:00pm – 7th and 8th Grade Band
8:00pm – High School Band

4) May 12th - Jazz Band Concert - 7pm

5) May 24th Concert Band at Graduation  - Be there at 2:30pm