Monday, September 12, 2016

District Band Information

This is a reprint of information that went out on September 1st. 

Watch this page for more links to materials as they become available. 

1)  Master Instructions and Corrections - Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to each instrument.  Read this page to find any special instructions required by Contest Managers.     

2) Cuts - Cuts are designed to limit the audition materials for District only.  CUTS

3)  Instrument Materials are found on this Google Drive.  Note that your instrument may not be found in the the directory.  I will add more as they become available.  So far, we have Flute, Sax, Clarinet, Trumpet and Bari Sax.  Access to this Google Drive is limited to school, so save and/or print. 

Look at the list below.  Click on your instrument.  Practice scales listed on the cuts.  Practice Etudes for your instrument. 

4) See me if you do not see your instrument listed below.  I have the books you need to find the etudes. 




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