Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Homecoming Information

See the attached picture for the parade routine.  Remember, three times to the LIBERATOR thing.  Percussion will not do this.  We need you to focus on playing and being our anchor. 
-Thursday Rehearsal

Load trailer, but keep horns in cabinet.  If you have been approved to miss the parade, please load your instrument Thursday.  Everyone else must keep them in the cabinet until Friday. 

-Friday - You must have band shirt!!!!

You will be dismissed for the assembly with a Remind.com Text.  Go to the band room and get your instrument and flipfolder out.  Load the case on trailer.  Load book bags in truck.  It might rain.  If so, we want to avoid the outside for book bags.  If it rains, I will have the van handy or some other way to transport your stuff. 

Go to Gym up stairs. 

Play in assembly. 

Star Spangled Banner handy!

Guitar and Bass bring up amps, then leave them after we are finished.


Head out to BIS road.  Lineup.  Play I Am Doctor for little kids in place.  Bass cart brought out by three pushers.  Parade Banner brought out.  The trailers will be with us in the parade if you need access. 


We end and reload trailer at First Baptist around 3:00pm.  Have a ride or grab a ride back with a float.  Coordinate with parents.  Call Grandma.  No hitchhiking with strangers.  Beware of stranger danger.  Look both ways crossing the road.  Chew your food thoroughly before swallowing.  Drink plenty of water.  Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.  Raise your words, not your voice. 


The UHaul will hold uniforms, hats speaker carts.  We load them Friday morning, not Thursday.  Hats will be given out and numbered / named at SBU, as well as black gloves.  If you have not yet loaded your shoes (freshman only), I have done it for you.  You're welcome.  

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