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Welcome to the Music Program and congratulations for being one of 300+ band members in the Bolivar School District.  As a new band member, you are helping Bolivar continue a proud tradition of musical excellence and outstanding performances that delight audiences.  The Bolivar Music Department was designated a top 100 Schools for Music Education in 2000, 2006, 2008 and 2009.  Although the award is no longer given, this designation for four years reveals the amazing pride and support our community continues to provide toward a quality music education.  Please examine this page to discover all the many and varied activities that membership in our instrumental music program can provide.  
Urgent 1st Week Note!
Parents.  Please do not purchase instruments until we have had a chance to try instruments in class.  Our rental night with Springfield Music Store will be held at the high school, August 30th, from 3:30 - 6:30.  For the first weeks of school, we will be trying out instruments with each student.  Once this process is complete, we will send the kids home with a reminder about the instrument display night.
As you wait, you can also look online at instruments.  Please do not purchase a cheap instrument from Ebay.  We would prefer that you use a website like WWBW for a good quality wholesale instrument.  Ideally, using our local music stores should be a first alternative.  Childress Music also has many good new and used instruments.  We also have a few school owned instruments that will be free to use.  
Our book this year is Accent on Achievement. This book can be purchased from Springfield Music on the display night.  You can also get a copy at Childress Music or from any of the music stores in Springfield.
www.Jwpepper.com also has books that can be purchased online.   
6th Grade Band meets every day. As well as rehearsing in a large group setting, our school also provides a music lab for individualized instruction.  The Music Lab is a complete music technology environment allowing students to experiment with many media technologies designed around making and recording music.  Visit our Music Lab Web Page linked below.
-Music Lab Page
In addition to individualized instruction on a weekly basis, we also provide many tools for practicing at home.  Although there are too many to list here, consider these three as examples.  

-Zya music  |  UJAM |  Smart Music Studio

Cost of an Instrument

It might surprise you to find out that renting an instrument, or even purchasing an instrument at one time, may not be as expensive as you think. The majority of band instruments will average approximately $20 to $35 a month, with saxophones and french horns being slightly more expensive.  If you ask around within your own family, it's often easy to find a good working and free instrument.  As well, many good instruments can be purchased online.  Music stores often run specials on used instruments that are in good working order.  If you decide to order online, we recommend that you avoid Ebay and other auction websites.  A good source for wholesale instruments is The Woodwind and Brasswind.  

Free School Instruments

In addition to rented instruments, the school district also provides school owned instruments in limited supply.  We strive to ensure that all students who wish to take band have the opportunity to start band in the 6th grade.  

Instrument Selection Process

Keep in mind that the directors have many years of experience assisting students with finding the right instrument for them.  We would ask that parents hold off on renting an instrument right away.  We will use the first two weeks of school to evaluate each student before the selection process begins.  There are many factors involved with finding the perfect instrument. Additionally, we strongly urge parents to avoid suggesting drums and percussion to students before the directors have had a chance to evaluate rhythmic ability.  Students should keep an open mind when it comes to selecting an instrument until this process is complete.  Once we enter the third week of school--near the end of August--we will invite Springfield Music to our school for a rental display night.  Parents students will be invited to come test instruments and participate in the rental process.  You are also welcome to use any of the music stores in the area, including Childress Music. 
Performing Groups

In addition to large group performance, membership in the middle school program also allows opportunities for solo and ensemble performance, pep band, jazz band and rhythm section classes.  If students progress to the high Sschool level, we also offer marching band, color guard, winter guard, drumline and many other activities.  

Character Development
Band is the only class where students can have the same teachers for seven years in a row.  Because of this, your child will receive additional instruction in responsibility and leadership skills that last a lifetime.

Consider reading these amazing statistics on music and cognitive ability.  

-Benefits of Music Education

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